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Tuesday, March 21st, 2023
Released 2019.03.08
Released 2009.04.20
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Partial search strings are allowed, and searches are not case sensitive. For example, to look for an antenna built by Gabriel Electronics, G, gab, GABRIEL, gabriel, or, Gabriel E could all be entered into the manufacturer box. Some of these might include antennas not built by Gabriel, however. For the antenna model, and portion of antenna model number can be entered. For example, to search for a Decibel Products DB225, the partial string '225' or even '25' could be entered into the model number box.

It is now possible to search the FCC TV database of directional patterns. If you dont't want them to appear in the search, check the 'filter fcc patterns' option. The model number of the antenna for these patterns will be the model number of the antenna in the FCC database (ex. ODD931013KE). Note that center frequencies for these antennae aren't provided by FCC, and will be listed here as 430 MHz.

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