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Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
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Released 2017.04.28
Released 2009.04.20
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About RadioSoft    
...a Customer Friendly Company

Proudly Serving the Radio Industry since 1985

Requests to us from Broadcast and Land Mobile facility owners about improved or new facilities came flooding in in the early eighties, and the answers were always expensive. A channel search for FCC FM facilities was $250, and for Part 22 facilities $1300. To avoid costly searches and delays, we began writing software to accomplish these tasks on the first Personal Computers in 1982. Since we lived in an IBM town and had access to the first machines, it can be said that we wrote the very first radio software for the IBM PC.

Peter Moncure, Founder

Several radio engineers visited from time to time in 1983 and 1984 (Mr. Moncure was a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers), and persuaded us to design better interfaces for the software and put it up for sale. Our first customer in 1985 was Art Silver of Harris Corporation, who saw the potential for such software and found many other customers for us over the years.

Peter Moncure, Founder

As the years progressed, many other firsts were achieved at RadioSoft:
  • First High Speed Contour Calculator (1986)
  • First Integrated 3D Viewer and Propagation Engine (1987)
  • First Real Terrain Based Interference Analysis (1989)
  • First True Shadow Matrix (1990)
  • First Integrated Program Suite with Instant Precalculated Contours (1991)
  • First High Speed 3 Arc Second Terrain Engine (1992)
  • First Integrated Windows Application (1995)
  • First Real Time 3D Viewer and Analysis Tool (1998)
  • First Instant Imager for all types of Coverage and Interference displays (1999)
  • Frequency Finder (TM) online coordination tool (1999)
  • First Optimized, High Speed Database Engine for Serving Transmitter Data (2000)

We grew to the point where it was necessary to buy our own building in 1995, and we've now expanded, with a conference room, "safe room" server facilities and new technical support facilities in-house. We're located in Clarkesville, Georgia, with redundant server facilities in several locations.

Our staff and sales have soared in the last few years, for three reasons:
  • We truly believe our motto: "...a Customer Friendly Company"
  • We have the most stable product which meets the needs of the entire industry
  • We continuously upgrade (at no charge) our various products as suggestions come in from our expert user base.

In short, our success is actually due to all of you out there, who have advised and supported us over the years. So from all of us on staff, here's a hearty Thank You!


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