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Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
Released 2017.04.28
Released 2009.04.20
Get your copy here.
RadioSoft News
Latest ComStudy 2009-04-20
ComStudy v2.2.14.19 has been released. Visit My RadioSoft to get your copy! To see what's changed, view your ComStudy20.txt file in your CS20 directory.
RadioCompass Released 2009-04-17

New General Features:

  • Google Earth export feature (.kml) provides an image with a transparent background
  • Ability to save propagation matrix data in pipe delimited text format from the Matrix Editor dialog box
  • 2D map, context menu now has a “Map Layer Inspector “ selection
  • Object Inspector can now be shown and dismissed with successive double clicks (toggled) at context sensitive locations, radio query lists for example

Radio Workspace:

  • Persistent radio queries (session lifetime)
  • Radio drag and drop functionality across study types
  • Improved task flow

Advanced Tab (Study) Features: (Context Menu)

  • Close Tab (close study)
    • Close the active tab
  • Close Other Tabs
    • Closes all of the tabs expect this one (focused tab)
  • Open New Study in New Tab
    • Allows the user to open a new study of available types in a new tab from the active tab context menu
  • Open Existing Study in New Tab
    • The user can open an existing study in a new tab from the active tab context menu
  • Save Study As...
    • Save the tab (study) to the hard drive using the suggested name, tab title or one of the user’s choosing
  • Save All Tabs...
    • Allows the user to save all of the tabs (studies) to the hard drive
  • Copy Study
    • Copies the active tab to the clipboard
  • Paste Study
    • Paste a copy of a tab from the clipboard if available. Menu item will be grayed if no tab is available
  • Duplicate Tab
    • Duplicate the active / focused tab
  • Edit Tab Title...
    • The user can edit the current tab’s title.
  • User can drag and drop the active tab to another location

Advanced Propagation Interface:

  • Integrated user messaging functionality that advises of possible issues and their solutions
  • Stand-alone propagation contour calculation functionality with calculation progress indicator
  • Integrated user messaging functionality that advises the user of possible issues and their solutions
  • Added country and band selection in the initial study definition for accurate study parameters’ user suggestions, including contour field strength, contour level and others

Path Profile:

  • Supports radio drag and drop from the Radio Browser and Radio Workspace. If the user selects two radios the first selected will be the “Start” radio the second will be the “End” radio.
  • Immediate field and graph updates with new data input, data changes and calculation completion
  • Calculation progress indicator
  • Integrated user messaging functionality that advises the user of possible issues and their solutions
  • Now supports RC’s “Units” functionality
Support Website 2007-08-20
We are now offering a Support Website to all of our customers. This is a place for you to ask questions, request features, help other customers, or just see what's new. Click here for more info.
"Gia" from Southern Cross GSD Rescue says it all! 2007-07-25
Protest at Falcons Stadium with Molly and Gia!! Read more here. See more pictures here.

Induction of Peter Moncure as a Fellow of The Radio Club of America 2006-09-27
Radiosoft is proud to announce the induction of Peter Moncure as a Fellow in The Radio Club of America. The ceremony will take place at the 97th annual awards Banquet to be held Friday November 17, 2006 at the New York Athletic Club. A Fellow of the Radio Club of America is defined by Fellows Committee Chair, Vivian Carr, as: a member whose contributions have been outstanding with extraordinary qualifications in the art and science of radio and electronics.

Please join us all at Radiosoft in congratulating Peter on this outstanding achievement.
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