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Tuesday, March 21st, 2023
Released 2019.03.08
Released 2009.04.20
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These are xml schema which validate a RadioSoft XML directional pattern document.

Directional patterns in this schema can be stored in RadioSoft's online database, imported into ComStudy and converted for export to other software.

The schema directional_pattern.xsd includes spherical_data.xsd. Both files are required to fully validate the document.

Radiosoft directional patterms are stored in a spherical geometry system. Azimuth (Horizontal) angles run clockwise from the front of the antenna, also known as the mechanical boresite. It is by convention aimed at zero degrees (north). These angles always run parallel to the ground (assuming it is flat). So with an electrically downtilted antenna, normally there is no field value which reaches 1.000 field.

Elevation (Vertical) angles describe another 'cut' around the antenna that shows how the antenna radiates above and below the horizon. This cut is a circle which touches the azimuth 'cut' at two points: the front of the antenna, and its back. For this reason, the 180 degree elevation angle should exactly match the 180 degree azimuth value. In elevation patterns, 90 degrees points to the ground, and 270 degrees points to the sky (this is opposite to the .PT2 pattern format in which 90 degrees points to the sky and 270 degrees points to the ground).

The most useful portion of the elevation pattern is from ~5 degrees above the pattern (354-359 in the table) to 10 degrees below the pattern (0-10 in the table). Most manufactures specify elevation patterns with all 360 degrees defined, so most of the patterns in the database are set up this way.

The RadioSoft schema allows for substitution of element tags for azimuth, elevation, and field. However, for the pattern to properly display on the web page, they must have A for azimuth, E for elevation, and F for field. This is a limitation of the current implementation of the xml transformation engine, which will be fixed in later versions.

The RadioSoft directional pattern schema is derived from the NSMA 1999 antenna pattern format and the TIA TR 8.11 standard. There are a few differences to minimize complexity, such as elimination of non-standard angular cuts. The two schemas may be downloaded and viewed below.

Download directional_pattern.xsd

Download spherical_data.xsd

View directional_pattern.xsd and spherical_data.xsd:

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